About the platform

The Internet platform Open Doors for Judiciary is a digital portal of an educational nature, created to enable citizens to be more easily informed about the judiciary. Public confidence in the judicial system is positively affected by the understanding of the functioning of the courts, and particularly by belief that everyone has equal possibilities to seek and exercise their rights before courts and that the proceedings for dispute resolution are lawful and efficient. Through this platform, the citizens can access understandable information how court decisions are made.


The Open Doors for Judiciary platform helps citizens use the possibilities of digital communication with the representatives of judiciary through interactive blogs on a number of current judicial topics. In the comments to the blog posts, the citizens can establish direct online communication and thus received required information or solve numerous dilemmas.


The platform provides citizens with the opportunity to use information guides aimed at facilitating their access to exercising of their rights. Through a series of Guides, citizens are introduced to the basic mechanisms of how to use their rights, or how to cope and what their duties and obligations are in a particular undesirable situation.


On the page "In my town", citizens can access an interactive map of the judiciary and find information about judicial service providers in their town. The Local Council Meetings map provides information on the Local Council Meetings in 15 municipalities and towns in Serbia and provides a photo and info presentation of the functional parts of the courts with the aim of bringing the courts closer to the citizens in their communities.

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