Here, you can find information about your rights in the various guides we have prepared.
They are written to provide the answers to the everyday problems faced by the citizens in their contact with the judiciary.

My rights in enforcement proceedings

My rights in case the trial takes unreasonably long time

A guide to protection of consumers’ rights

My rights in case of (illegal) wiretapping

How do I report corruption and what are my rights and obligations if I do so?

What should I do when I receive summons to testify?

What if I am deprived of my liberty?

Why do we need an independent judge?

My rights in case of identification, search and deprivation of liberty

Settlement in proceedings to protect the right to a trial within a reasonable time

Efficient delivery of court documents: Instructions for deliverers

Booklets on the protection of personal data through institutions - health care institutions

Booklets on personal data protection through institutions - insurance companies

Self-representation guide

A Guide – First Time in Court or at a Courthouse

Guide for exemption from court fees

Guide for Exercising the Right to a Court Interpreter – a Translator

Consumer protection in the executive procedure in the field of communal services

Problems and obstacles to access to justice in enforcement proceedings from a consumer protection perspective

A guide for victims through the criminal justice system of Serbia

A guide through procedures for the protection of the rights of victims of gender-based discrimination and violence before independent bodies in Serbia

How to get information about the work of courts?

A guide to a good citizen-police relations

Guide for the protection of women from gender-based discrimination and violation of rights in the field of labor and employment

Guide through organizations that support victims in Serbia

Manual for the application of alternative sanctions

Guide for citizens in enforcement proceedings in communal and related cases - WHEN THE BAILIFF KNOWS THE DOOR

A guide for ex officio defense attorneys

Guide for spokespersons of courts in Serbia

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